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Do Good, Earn Crypto: How Firefly Initiative is Tokenising Social Impact.

Volunteers are the bedrock of our communities and their time is in demand now more than ever.

With volunteer participation both on the decline and grossly underappreciated, we think there's a smarter way to invest in, deploy and measure the world's largest form of human capital.

We've teamed up with RMIT University Blockchain Research (ranked #2 globally for Blockchain research) to document of our proposed solution.

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A Global Problem 🌐

Over the past ten years, volunteerism has been on a rapid decline globally. Changes in societal values, a recent pandemic, and a battle for attention is showing lower participation rates and putting strain on volunteer-driven essential services and community organisations.

Big Brand Buy in 💰

Companies have increasingly come under investor pressure and government scrutiny for their role and impact on broader society. Firefly Initiative has already signed MOUs with leading energy, retail & sporting brands to implement pilot activations to tokenise & reward volunteer time.

NFT Release Soon 🎨

Those who join the Whitepaper Whitelist will also be eligible for our upcoming NFT release. Holders of the NFTs will be granted token warrants, community, access to an exclusive Web3 for Social Impact Conference, and voting rights in the Firefly Community DAO.


In this paper we introduce The Firefly Initiative, a project that will capture and tokenise the impact hours contributed by volunteers in grassroots clubs and community service organisations, broker them to corporations looking to create demonstrable social impact in communities with a level of administrative ‘frictionlessness’ yet unseen.

By doing this, Firefly will create a public service for volunteers and their organisations to easily measure the amount of time they volunteer in their community and a new digital asset that tracks the growth of global corporate social responsibility.

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