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Elevating Volunteers and Igniting Social Good

Learn about The Firefly Initiative, from founders Courtney Smith and Darryl Vine as they share their vision and mission to elevate volunteers, reward volunteer contribution, introduce their Passive Funding Program and explain how your organisation can qualify for Social Impact Sponsorship.

Date: Tuesday, 19th of September

Time: 7 PM (AEST)

Hosts and presenters: Courtney Smith and Darryl Vine, Founders of The Firefly Initiative

Special Guest: Mary Pozzobon (FIDA)

Courtney Smith

Founder - CEO - Ideas Initiator

Courtney Smith is a dedicated advocate for community engagement and sports enthusiast, deeply concerned about the decline of volunteers in Australia over the past decade. With a background in Product Development and Sales & Marketing, Courtney's passion lies in pioneering new business ventures.

Darryl Vine

Founder - Head of Community Partnerships

Darryl Vine is a passionate about connecting grassroots sporting clubs and not for profit organisations with Socially Responsible Brands (SRB's) and local SMB's. With a background in professional sponsorship negotiation and business strategy, Darryl is a strong advocate for not for profit organisations.

Mary Pozzobon

Special Guest - FIDA

Mary Pozzobon is the CEO of Football Integration Development Association (FIDA). Having established an Australian Rules football competition for players with an intellectual disability FIDA is the leading organisation in inclusive football.

Our Mission

Discover how The Firefly Initiative is dedicated to elevating volunteers, empowering NFPs, and creating sustainable, passive fundraising channels.

Rewarding Volunteers

Explore how we are changing the game by providing tangible rewards for volunteers through engagement in the Economy of Social Good.

ESG Corporate Sponsorships

Learn how NFPs can access the support of ethical, socially conscious corporations for sustainable growth and transformational outcomes.

Economy of Social Good

Gain insights into the innovative framework that connects volunteers' dedication, NFPs' initiatives, and corporate social responsibility to form a powerful cycle of positive impact.

Understand Volunteer Activity

Unlock the full potential of your team with our free, user-friendly tool, designed to capture the time and valuable contributions of your volunteers so we can acknowledge their contributions together.

Passive Fundraising

Understand how Firefly Initiative can assist in creating a passive ongoing fundraising model to continually receive sponsorship for your organisation.

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