Volunteer Spotlight: Celebrating Lesley St Clair-Paul’s Exceptional Contribution

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Lesley St Clair-Paul: A Beacon of Dedication and Compassion

In the heart of our volunteering community, Lesley St Clair-Paul stands out as an embodiment of dedication and selfless service. We had the privilege of speaking with Lesley and are thrilled to share her inspiring journey with the Firefly Initiative, primarily highlighting her work with Life-Gate.

A Commitment to Making a Difference

Lesley’s involvement with the Firefly Initiative and Life-Gate has been extraordinary. Since joining last September, she has logged an impressive 144 hours in the Firefly app. This showcases her commitment to volunteering and making a positive impact in her community.

The Power of Firefly in Lesley’s Volunteering

Lesley appreciates how Firefly has influenced her volunteering, particularly with Life-Gate. Firefly’s innovative approach has added a motivational aspect to her service, helping her set and achieve new goals.

Lifegate: Lesley’s Heart and Soul

Lesley shares her passion for Lifegate, a small Public Benevolent Institution established in 1992. Lifegate operates purely through donations and is not a government-funded organisation. It offers professional counselling, life skills training, student placement, and outreach programs.

Lesley is particularly dedicated to her role in Lifegate’s street outreach program every Friday night, where she and the team deliver crisis assistance, counselling, and material aid to the most vulnerable community members. She finds this role to be her most loved and describes it as a priceless experience.

Advocating Firefly’s Benefits

Lesley advocates for Firefly’s benefits in enhancing the volunteer experience, particularly in organisations like Lifegate. She values how Firefly encourages volunteers through rewards, motivating them to dedicate more hours to meaningful causes.

A True Inspiration and A Role Model for All

Lesley’s dedication to Lifegate, coupled with her advocacy for Firefly, is a powerful example of the impact one individual can have in the community.

Lesley St Clair-Paul’s work with Lifegate and her journey with Firefly are shining examples for us all. Her dedication and the joy she finds in her work are truly inspiring.

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