The Make Ways Foundation: A Commitment to Youth Well-being

make ways

The Make Ways Foundation, an Australian charity, is dedicated to improving the lives of young people globally, focusing on those who are vulnerable or living in poverty. With a mission to foster health, well-being, education, employment, and personal development, Make Ways Foundation aims to bring communities together to create sustainable opportunities for growth and connection.

Foundation Origins

The inception of Make Ways Foundation traces back to the personal journey of its founder, Kat Cacavas, whose familial connections led her to Sierra Leone. Inspired by the adoption of three African children by her aunt, Kat’s initial six-week visit extended to over three years, immersing herself in various volunteer projects and deepening her connection with the local communities. Despite challenges such as the Ebola outbreak, Kat’s commitment never wavered, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become the Make Ways Foundation.

Core Mission and Beliefs

Central to the foundation’s philosophy is the belief that “good health is wealth” and that human connections are crucial for fostering positive relationships. Make Ways Foundation prides itself on listening to community needs and collaboratively working towards an empowered future for young people.

Impact and Programs

By implementing locally led, globally supported programs, Make Ways Foundation provides young individuals the chance to thrive through:

Access to education and resources for learning.

Employment opportunities to aid in the transition from education to the workforce.

Health and well-being support, emphasising the importance of mental and physical health.

Personal development programs to build skills, confidence, and resilience.

Joining Hands for a Brighter Future

Make Ways Foundation’s history and mission underscore a dedication to transforming the lives of young people. Through its comprehensive approach, the foundation not only addresses immediate needs but also invests in the long-term well-being and success of young individuals around the world.