Ignite The Light – Volunteer Week with Firefly Initiative

During National Volunteer Week, the Firefly Initiative hosted an enlightening webinar that spotlighted the vital role of volunteers in enriching community life. Led by Courtney Smith and Darryl Vine, the session explored significant enhancements to the Firefly platform and outlined the future of volunteer engagement. Navigating New Horizons with Firefly 2.0 Courtney Smith introduced the […]

It’s time to Share Your Spare to Show You Care

In the realm of community service, the concept of reaping what you sow takes on a profound meaning. Firefly’s research highlights that sponsorship and philanthropy towards community organisations are worth billions of dollars. Yet, the greatest asset of these organisations — their volunteers—often remains an abstract thought.  Firefly envisions a community-connected market that supports volunteers […]

Is Celebrating Volunteers over One Week Enough?

Volunteerism is the heartbeat of countless communities, the selfless acts that often go unnoticed yet makes a significant impact. While National Volunteer Week shines a bright spotlight on our community heroes, it begs the question: is it a challenge to act upon and does it demonstrate our thanks enough?  Firefly believes that volunteers should be […]

Queensland Volunteering Awards 2024

On the morning of May 22, 2024, Brisbane City Hall was abuzz with excitement as the community gathered for the Queensland Volunteering Awards. The event celebrated the remarkable efforts of volunteers and organisations across Queensland, highlighting their commitment and spirit of service. It was a joyous occasion, marked by enthusiastic support for the nominees and […]

Celebrating the Spirit of Volunteerism: National Volunteer Week 2024

This National Volunteer Week, we raise 3 Cheers For Volunteers who dedicate their time and energy across various sectors, especially in sports. The Australian Sports Commission, in partnership with Volunteering Australia, takes immense pride in recognising these dedicated individuals who play a crucial role in enriching our communities. From coaching young athletes to organising community […]

Kintsugi Heroes: Celebrating Resilience Through the Art of Golden Joinery

Kintsugi Heroes, a unique organisation inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, or “golden joinery,” helps individuals uncover their hidden value by sharing real-life stories of overcoming adversity. This month, Kintsugi Heroes is proud to offer a special resource to both the community and anyone seeking inspiration during challenging times. The Philosophy of KintsugiKintsugi, […]

Empowering Women: Fierce Females’ Commitment to Community and Volunteerism

Fierce Females Australia is dedicated to empowering women through a blend of empowerment workshops and self-defence programs. This nonprofit organisation focuses on equipping women with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead violence-free lives, using a holistic approach that integrates psychological insights and physical defence techniques. Their extensive range of services caters to various community […]

Community Highlights: Applauding the Commitment of Our Volunteers

As we take a moment to reflect on the tremendous work carried out by volunteers in our communities, it’s clear that their dedication is the heartbeat of positive change. These organisations have not only devoted countless hours but have also created a ripple effect of community enhancement that we at Firefly app proudly recognise. These […]

Cheers to Kindness: Colin Apelt’s Heartwarming Tale of Service

In the quiet hallways of Brisbane’s St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Colin Apelt, 92, brings a special kind of cheer to the palliative care ward. Week after week, for over two decades, Colin has been a familiar face to those facing life’s final chapter. With a humble trolley of drinks, he delivers more than just refreshments—he […]

Exploring the Paradox of Fundraising: Friend or Foe?

Fundraising, a ubiquitous activity in the realm of nonprofits, community initiatives, and even personal endeavours, elicits a spectrum of opinions. Some view it as a straightforward means to support causes, while others perceive it as a daunting task fraught with challenges. The statement “Fundraising – Friend or Foe?” encapsulates this duality, inviting scrutiny into the […]