Sponsorship Tips and Tricks By Darryl Vine

Choose Contra First In the context of sponsorship negotiations, while cash undoubtedly holds significant sway over operational requirements, as the market grows more competitive and sponsorship opportunities dwindle, contra arrangements emerge as a powerful alternative. Last December, I emphasised the importance of setting realistic budgets tailored to operational needs. Understanding the budget breakdown is paramount; […]

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Impact of Collective Mentorship

Young individuals face a multitude of challenges, navigating life’s complexities and building resilience, something that will become a major support factor. A group of organisations—Big Brother Big Sister, Stride Education, Scouts and Guides Australia, Mentoring Men, and Business of Smiles— all stand out for their dedication to mentorship, each contributing uniquely to shaping brighter futures […]

The Power Of A Volunteer Hour

As a volunteer manager, I am constantly inspired by the immeasurable impact that each volunteering hour contributes to our organisation. In a world where time is a precious commodity, the value of an hour spent in service to others goes far beyond any monetary compensation. The Value of an Hour: Beyond Monetary Compensation In the […]

Sponsorship Tips & Tricks by Darryl Vine

Don’t be complacent At the local community organisation level, a lot of sponsorship offers tend to be taken up by what I call related parties. By that I mean, those who have businesses and are directly associated with the org via an existing need, personal history relative to the organisation and the service it provides […]

Corethics: Champions of a Greener Tomorrow

These guys at Corethics are no strangers to making big waves in the quest for a sustainable future. Since 2017, they’ve been all about crafting vibrant, eco-friendly communities, especially in places where it’s needed most, like Southeast Asia. Take their work in Bali, for instance – they’re turning the tide against the unseen dangers of […]

NSW Rural Fire Service and the Firefly Initiative’s Partnership

The NSW Rural Fire Service, a renowned volunteer fire brigade, has teamed up with the Firefly Initiative, marking a big step in our joint effort to boost safety and resilience against environmental threats. This fire service has been a key player in bush fire management in New South Wales, standing out for its risk management […]

Exciting Sponsorship Announcement

Firefly is excited to announce the Sponsorship Partnership with Bartercard. Bartercard is the largest small business network in Australia, with over 30,000 small businesses participating in their program. We are thrilled to announce that many of these small businesses are also passionate about supporting our volunteers by sharing their unique offers in the marketplace. What […]

Sponsorship Tips & Tricks by Darryl Vine

Is our budget realistic and achievable? I’ve seen so many sponsorship proposals from local sports clubs and local organisations with $20K Naming Rights or Premium Sponsorships and I think to myself, how on earth are you going to honour that sponsorship. In other words, how are you going to fulfil your offer to the sponsor? […]