Sponsorship Tips & Tricks by Darryl Vine

Sponsorship Tips and Tricks

Don’t be complacent

At the local community organisation level, a lot of sponsorship offers tend to be taken up by what I call related parties.

By that I mean, those who have businesses and are directly associated with the org via an existing need, personal history relative to the organisation and the service it provides or family members (like players) who are with the organisation.

The mistake sponsorship managers make is that from the sponsors who meet the above definition perspective, tend to have a reduced requirement on their ROI and are happy that their contribution is assisting the organisation.

Don’t make the mistake of becoming complacent on fulfilling all the obligations of the sponsorship program with these sponsors as well.

Sponsors are rare and the market is too competitive.

If you have sponsors that are involved because of what I call “soft or friendly” entry, make sure you do everything you can to support their sponsorship program and do everything else possible to show them an ROI.

These sponsors generally only remain as sponsors during the time of their personal involvement. Most organisations see these sponsors leave along with their personal involvement. 

Above all, do whatever you can during their time as a sponsor to PROVE their investment in your sponsorship program is a commercially viable option. That way these types of sponsors will give greater consideration to continuing to support your organisation when their direct involvement is over.