Safety Beach Smoke-Free Zone: A Breath of Fresh Air


Imagine strolling along the beach, inhaling the crisp sea breeze without a hint of cigarette smoke in the air. That’s the reality at Safety Beach, where a smoke-free zone has brought about remarkable changes. Volunteers from the Safety Beach-Dromana Beach Patrol played a pivotal role in this transformation. They diligently monitored the introduction of butt bin facilities, and their findings speak volumes—there has been a significant decrease in cigarette butt litter.

Local businesses have also noticed the difference, with 42% reporting a reduction in butt litter near their establishments. The success of this smoke-free trial has earned it a spot as a finalist in the 41st Annual Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria’s Tidy Towns & Cities – Sustainability Awards. It’s a testament to how a united community effort can pave the way for a happier, healthier, and cleaner environment.

This journey began with the inaugural smoke-free trial back in April 2021, and since then, there has been a steady and unwavering rollout of the Smoke Free Environment Policy. This steadfast dedication aims to decrease tobacco-related harm and promote environmental sustainability, in compliance with the regulations of the Tobacco Act.

The strategic implementation of Smoke Free Areas has been thorough, featuring prominently marked territories aided by conspicuous signage and butt bins, encompassing all relevant sites that fall under Council stewardship.

The designated Smoke Free Areas notably include libraries, public halls, youth centres, the Civic Reserve, the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, and all Customer Support centres.

Through these initiatives, there is a reaffirmed commitment to the dual cause of safeguarding the health of the community’s residents and ensuring the environmental sustainability of their surroundings for future generations.

This article originally appeared on Mornington Peninsula Shire and was reproduced with proper attribution to the original source.