Queensland Volunteering Awards 2024

Queensland VOL awards

On the morning of May 22, 2024, Brisbane City Hall was abuzz with excitement as the community gathered for the Queensland Volunteering Awards. The event celebrated the remarkable efforts of volunteers and organisations across Queensland, highlighting their commitment and spirit of service. It was a joyous occasion, marked by enthusiastic support for the nominees and thunderous applause as the award recipients were revealed. This annual event serves not only as a recognition of the invaluable contributions of volunteers but also strengthens the community by bringing everyone together in appreciation of these selfless acts.

One of the highlights of the day was celebrating Allan Quartermaine, who received the Queensland Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering Award. Allan, a native of Ayr, Queensland, has been a fixture in his community for over six decades. His volunteering journey is nothing short of remarkable, spanning from his days in the Royal Australian Navy to his impactful work with the Sunshine Coast Legacy and Buderim Bowls Club.

Allan’s story is particularly inspiring during Volunteer Week, reminding us of the powerful impact that one person can have on their community. He’s held leadership roles in various organisations, showing a rare commitment to service that improves the lives of many. His work with Legacy is especially notable, where he implemented programs and projects that continue to support veterans and their families.

What makes Allan’s recognition at the Queensland Volunteering Awards so special is that it highlights the collective spirit of volunteering. It’s not just about one person; it’s about all the volunteers and the combined efforts that strengthen communities.

Spotlight on Tobias Kennet: Queensland Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

Tobias Kennet has been making waves across several youth organisations in Queensland, and his tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Awarded the Queensland Youth Volunteer of the Year at the recent Queensland Volunteering Awards held at Brisbane City Hall, Tobias’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

For those who know him, Tobias’s commitment to volunteerism is part of his daily life. Even while juggling university studies, Tobias has devoted countless weekends since he was 16 to mentoring and leading initiatives through the YMCA, Scouts QLD, and the Queensland Youth Parliament.

What’s striking about Tobias is not just the amount of time he gives but the quality of his contributions. He’s revamped programs, crafted policies, and forged strategic partnerships that have breathed new life into these organisations. His ability to lead with precision and care shows a maturity beyond his years.

But perhaps what stands out most is his role as Treasurer of the Queensland Powerchair Football Association. Here, Tobias has demonstrated his knack for leadership and governance, guiding the grassroots club to financial health and promoting its growth through strategic funding and volunteer recruitment efforts.

As we celebrate Volunteer Week, Tobias’s story is a reminder of the impact one individual can have on their community. He’s not just a volunteer; he’s a leader, a mentor, and an innovator who’s paving the way for how young people can make a difference.

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