The Demise of Volunteers? – What Can You Do About it!


Factors contributing to declining volunteer rates

The decline in volunteerism is a concern that casts a long shadow over our communities, with factors like inadequate recognition, financial constraints, and the struggle to balance personal, professional, and volunteer commitments at the core of this issue. Volunteers are really important as they help many community groups and organisations. Saying thank you is nice, but we need to do more to make volunteers feel valued and supported. Volunteering Victoria’s research indicates that the annual costs per volunteer average around $1,500

Additionally, the primary barrier to volunteering continues to be the need to strike a balance between work and family responsibilities. Those who have stopped volunteering often link their decision to the perceived weight of excessive regulations, commonly referred to as “red tape.”

Courtney Smith
CEO & Founder of the
Firefly Initiative and Darryl Vine
Founder, Head of Community Partnerships

What Firefly Can Do

Recognising the critical need for volunteering, the FIREFLY Initiative rolls in as a straightforward online way to thank your volunteers. This platform is tailored to smartly use technology to clock the hours volunteers put in for community service. Central to the FIREFLY Initiative is the ‘Economy of Social Good’, a unique way to extend a thank you to volunteers by rewarding them. As volunteers chip in for the community, they receive rewards, discounts, and also stumble upon new local shops, making their volunteer experience a fun ride.

This platform brings along a user-friendly app that lays out what volunteers are doing in a simple view. Through this app, volunteers can bag ‘Social Kudos Awards‘, a quirky way to extend a thank you and keep the volunteer spirits high, making them keen to help more. It’s not just about a verbal thank you, but making volunteers feel they are nestled in a warm community. 

The prime aim of the FIREFLY Initiative is to put volunteers on a pedestal and broadcast to all how pivotal they are to clubs, charities, and assorted groups. With a simple click, volunteers can flaunt how much they have contributed and receive the appreciation they rightly deserve. This platform smoothens the path for organisations to handle volunteers, retain them for longer, pull in new volunteers, and fundraise in an uncomplicated manner. The FIREFLY Initiative stretches beyond a mere thank you. It aids in ushering in more volunteers, keeps them content, and raises funds, creating a win-win for all. It’s not just a platform; it’s a leap towards drawing more people into volunteering, tightening the camaraderie between volunteers and organisations, and magnifying the positive ripples in our communities.