Spotlight on Gold Coast’s Young Australian of the Year: Abbie Williams


In a dazzling celebration of community spirit and dedication, this ceremony recognised the extraordinary contributions of several Gold Coasters, with Abbie Williams shining brightly as the Gold Coast Young Australian of the Year. Abbie, the visionary founder of Letters of Hope, has been instrumental in spreading positivity and support throughout the community, especially among those facing tough times. Her initiative encourages people to write and share messages of hope, fostering a sense of connection and upliftment across diverse groups.

Abbie’s recognition is a testament to her innovative approach to social challenges, turning simple letters into powerful tools of change. Her work not only enriches the lives of recipients but also empowers volunteers by providing them with a meaningful way to contribute to society.

The event also honoured other remarkable individuals, including philanthropist Maureen Stevenson and compassionate community member Mia Sims, alongside Brett and Belinda Beasley, who have turned personal tragedy into a nationwide campaign for safety and change through the Jack Beasley Foundation.

All winners from this night are set to be nominated for the prestigious National Australian of the Year Awards scheduled for January 2025. Their stories are not just of personal achievement but are also inspiring examples of how compassion and commitment can elevate a community. Congratulations to all the awardees for their well-deserved recognition and best of luck in the national round of awards.

Join Abbie Williams of Letters of Hope in a heartfelt coffee chat as she delves into her journey of sending motivational letters to those struggling with mental health. Discover her personal connection to the cause, the initial challenges, and the profound impact these letters have had. She discusses the joys of hand-written communication, the therapeutic benefits for both the sender and receiver, and her vision for expanding her reach. Learn about the special role Firefly plays in recognizing and supporting volunteers like Abbie in their invaluable work.