Gaming Industry Sees Benefits in Joining the Economy of Social Good

Gaming Industry Sees Benefits in Joining the Economy of Social Good

With tightening gambling regulations and a high expectation for the gaming industry to engage and support local communities there has never been a better time to think ‘outside the box’ to ensure that the money provided downstream hits your community in a way that provides maximum impact and allows for better measurement and value.

Too often the people tasked with engaging and supporting communities are so focused on running venues they can’t effectively engage and discern which communities are making the most impact. Just providing money under sponsorship becomes the task, rather than working with organisations that are deeply affecting the community.

And we know from experience that venue managers are time poor, because they have a vast array of activities to manage across the food and beverage, gaming industry. It’s difficult to carve out time to get to know the wider community and meet the people behind every community organisation, those incredible volunteers. 

Firefly created the “Economy of Social Good”, ESG for short, to provide gaming venues with the tools to manage and measure community engagement. It’s no wonder more venue managers in gaming particularly are turning to the economy of social good to meet these needs. 

Joining the Economy of Social Good delivers simple and effective ways for gaming venues to demonstrate their support for the community. By changing the dynamic away from cheque writing to include venue supporting offers that include rewards, discounts, and experiences for a wider group of volunteers making a difference within our communities, gaming venues can also lead the way for local businesses to get involved. 

Gaming venues can now show their commitment to the community and engage with potential new customers in fresh and exciting ways that deliver wider benefits, measurable outcomes and a community that values people that give time to make the world a better place, our volunteers. 

Working with industry leaders, Firefly has designed and validated a program using the tools provided within the economy of social good to deliver a competitive advantage for gaming venues, as customers increasingly seek out businesses that align with their values. 

By supporting local community organisations, gaming companies can build stronger relationships with customers and enhance their public image all while building longer and deeper community connections. 

But it’s not just about public perception. Joining the economy of social good can also provide tangible benefits for gaming venues. By supporting community organisations and volunteer programs, gaming venues can achieve their regulation compliance, report on corporate social impact and bring business back to function rooms and food and beverage offers. By offering a unique sponsorship, through Firefly, to communities and providing a digital loyalty program by adding in-kind rewards and discounts through our economy of social good every volunteer in the community wins, not just the organisations you support. 

Overall, joining the Economy of Social Good is a win-win for gaming venues and the community. By supporting community organisations and volunteer programs, gaming venue operators can strengthen customer relationships and enhance brand positioning, while still meeting regulatory targets. The power of Firefly’s Economy of Social Good is that the program is directed and delivered exactly like it should, with passion, commitment and purpose, as an extension to your venue. 

So for gaming venues looking to comply with gambling regulations and make a positive impact on their community, joining the Economy of Social Good is a simple and effective way to achieve these goals, without the stress normally associated with these actions. 

So if you’re a gaming venue looking to uplift your community sponsorship efforts or a community organisation seeking to fundraise, why not give the Economy of Social Good a try? From our perspective everyone wins and the benefit across the wider community is clear: everyone works together to achieve wider and deeper local community outcomes.