Igniting Change With Every Volunteer Hour:

Firefly’s ‘Economy of Social Good’ has been built to transform and uplift community organisations, charities and clubs across the not for profit sector.

Joining Firefly is a free service that enables you manage your organisation a little bit better and recognise and reward your volunteers at the same time


Firefly’s 'Economy of Social Good’ has been built to transform and uplift community organisations, charities and clubs across the not for profit sector.

What Firefly Members are saying:

Impact & Engagement

Be inspired by the tales of growth and success within the Firefly network. Hear about first hand accounts of how volunteer hours have turned into engines of support and sustainable growth for volunteer communities

Scouts & Guides

Sharing real-life success stories puts a face to the numbers and strategies we discuss. The 1st Point Cook Scouts, for example, utilised Firefly to maximise their fundraising efforts and community engagement.

Life Saving

North Burleigh Surf Life Saving Club, with its commitment to surf sports and community involvement, finds a supportive partner in Firefly. Firefly enhances the club's mission by acknowledging the significant contributions of its members.

Sports Clubs

Firefly's impact at Wyndhamvale Football Club exemplifies how innovative tools can enhance volunteer engagement and reward systems, making community service both rewarding and enjoyable.

Emergency Services

Emergency services personnel are pivitol in our communties. With thousands of volunteers across Australia supporting our Police, Ambulance , Fire fighting & SES Services. The Firefly Initaitive is proud to be supporting those playing a crucial role for our country.

Community Services

Firefly Initiative is deeply committed to supporting volunteers in community, helping to shine a spot light on those who make others their #1 priority , assisting humanitarian organistions and community services.

Food & Shelter

Firefly Initiative empowers volunteers working with organisations that combat homelessness and hunger. By tracking and rewarding volunteer hours, it motivates continued support for these vital causes.

Empower, Connect, Innovate & Inspire

Through our Economy of Social Good we simplify the management of volunteers, connect you with people eager to help, and innovate your fundraising.

Join us to streamline your operations, amplify your stories, and drive meaningful community engagement.

Elevating Volunteers

Amplify the power of appreciation and gratitude through the Firefly Initiative.

Elevate volunteerism by aligning the endless hours of selfless service to a network of brand partners offering tangible rewards, loyalty benefits and fundraising

Our approach sparks enthusiasm and wider participation across the whole of community.

Let’s begin a transformative journey – where every act of giving is valued and celebrated.

Empowering Fundraising

Transform fundraising and sponsorship through the Firefly Initiative

Record volunteer efforts and create a powerful social impact asset that fuels community growth. This innovative approach allows organisations to be seen by ‘socially responsible brands’

Join us in building a future where each hour of volunteering lays the foundation for success.

Act now and embrace this opportunity – be a part of a transformative movement.

The Economy of Social Good:

Learn how Firefly’s approach redefines community engagement and fundraising, putting the ‘Social’ at the heart of ESG.

Step into an ecosystem where social impact is not just felt but quantified and amplified.

Innovative Currency:

In the economy of social good, volunteer hours are the currency that fuels community development. Firefly introduces Volunteer Time Tokens (VTT) to quantify the altruistic efforts of volunteers, transforming hours into a currency that can be invested back into the community. This innovation empowers volunteers and organisations to leverage their time for greater social impact.


Business Engagement: 

Engaging businesses in your cause is now more straightforward with Firefly. By demonstrating the quantifiable impact of volunteer hours, organisations can foster stronger relationships with corporate sponsors. Firefly makes it easy for businesses to see the benefit of their involvement, encouraging them to become a part of the community support network.


Transparent Tracking:

Accountability and transparency are at the core of the Firefly experience. Our intuitive app simplifies the tracking of volunteer hours, offering organisations a clear and concise way to report their activities. This transparency not only facilitates trust among community members but also assures sponsors and donors of the legitimate and significant impact of their contributions.


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