Elevate Your Corporate
Social Responsibility

Empower your Employees, enrich your community, and enhance your brand by engaging in Firefly’s Unique Economy of Social Good.


Elevate Your Corporation

Dive into a new realm of community engagement with Firefly’s Employee Engagement Volunteering Program. 

We help encourage your employees to volunteer including virtual volunteering where they can directly support causes by lending their skills and expertise from anywhere.

The firefly model enables us to measure the ROI on social impact with real-time data by tracking volunteer hours, user engagement, and brand interaction so we can better understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘good’.

 Firefly provides your corporation more transparency to choose which volunteering programs to sponsor based on your stakeholders CSR criteria.

Firefly provides your corporation to meet the “S” in your ESG requirements with an already verified social impact onset “credit” without having to invest in any arduous third party assurance process.

Join The Movement:

Let’s tailor a program to resonate with your corporate volunteering model and embark your business on towards an Economy of Social Good for a flat tax- deductible fee monthly fee.

Our Network of volunteers is rapidly growing


The Firefly platform is here to help you achieve your ESG goals

Employee Direct Funding

Our marketplace allows employees to give monetary donations to their chosen volunteering organisation on our platform in addition to volunteering their time. Employers like yourself can match that donation.

Rewarding The Effort

Trade Hours for Rewards: Your employees can exchange volunteering hours for cool rewards at local socially responsible businesses, creating a cycle of positive community impact.

Empower Your Employees

Let your team choose where to volunteer, aligning their efforts with causes they are passionate about. A FIREFLY model that supports them with encouraging incentives that foster a culture of active involvement and social responsibility.

Corporate Benefits

Connect with other like-minded companies through Firefly, building a network of socially responsible enterprises.

Employee Engagement:

Foster a culture of active involvement, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.

Positive Community Impact:

 Make a real difference in the community and those around you, initiating a net positive impact.

Stronger Brand Image:

Stronger Brand Image: Shine as a socially responsible company, enhancing your brand’s reputation and resonance.

Reach Your ESG Goals:

With Firefly move closer to your ESG targets, with a measurable ROI on social impact.