"Elevate Your Corporate Social Responsibility with Firefly's Reward-Driven Volunteering"

Empower your employees, enrich your community, and enhance your brand by engaging in Firefly's unique Economy of Social Good.

Dive into a new realm of community engagement with Firefly's Employee Engagement Volunteering Program. We help you encourage your employees to volunteer, sparking change one step at a time, while offering tangible rewards that resonate with all.

FIREFLY is also the solution for corporations interested in buying social impact credits based on verified volunteer outputs from our non-profit partners instead of involving their own employees.

Building an Economy of Social Good


Sign up:

Let’s tailor a program to resonate with your company values and empower your employee volunteering program and embark your business on towards an Economy of Social Good for a flat monthly tax- deductible fee of $149 per month. 

Empower Your Employees

Let your team choose where to volunteer, aligning their efforts with causes they are passionate about. A FIREFLY model that supports them with encouraging incentives that foster a culture of active involvement and social responsibilites.

Tracking The Journey:

Logging Volunteering Hours: Your employees utilise the user-friendly Firefly app to log their volunteering hours, you can track their engagement, and onset the social impact credit.

Share and Celebrate: Celebrate the milestones, share the success stories, and inspire others to join the movement.

Employee Direct Funding

Our marketplace allows employees to give monetary donations to their chosen volunteering organisation on our platform in addition to volunteering their time. Employers can match that donation.

Buy Firefly ESG Social Impact Credits

Corporate benefits:

  1. Better Employee Engagement: Foster a culture of active involvement, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention.
  2. Positive Community Impact: Make a real difference in the community, initiating a net positive impact.
  3. Stronger Brand Image: Shine as a socially responsible company, enhancing your brand’s reputation and resonance.
  4. Reach ESG Goals: Move closer to your ESG targets, with a measurable ROI on social impact.
  5. Expand Your Network: Connect with other like-minded companies through Firefly, building a network of socially responsible enterprises.

Real Stories, from impactful Companies

Engage with inspiring stories from companies who’ve made a tangible difference with Firefly, showcasing the transformative partnerships and community impact.