Our Volunteers are the best customers!

Australia’s Volunteering community of 5.9 million SUPERSTARS love to shop locally and they support those businesses who support their activities in their communities. Our program is a great way for you to spread your community support.

It’s so much better than a sign on the fence or a donation. It’s all upside as Volunteers are Loyal, Local, Influencers and most of all Deserving.

Loyal Users

People who loyally serve the benefits of others are the type of customer every business wants. If you're loyal to them, they will be loyal to you.

Local Businesses

Local businesses live and die by how well they turn local customers into regular clients. Supporting local volunteers is a fantastic way to ensure the success of your business.


Volunteers make decisions that effect 100's of people each and everyday. When they are acknowledged and respected they make an awesome addition to your marketing team.

Deserving People

People who serve the greater community deserve our gratitude. Show you care about our awesome Volunteers by making them feel special.

Elevate Your Business to the next level...

Partnership Benefits

When you market your business through the Firefly Marketplace, you only pay when a Volunteer scans your unique QR Code in store.
​Our program is performance-based.

That means you'll enjoy:

Jump on a program that works for you!

Build your own marketing campaigns based on the growth you seek and the type of customers you want.

Manage Your Campaigns

Whether you are looking for a few extra customers or to capture the masses, you can set your own discount levels, minimum spends, frequency of offers and how many offers you'd like your community to take up.

Pay on Success

Don't spend on speculation, spend on results! There is a standard marketing fee that you pay once you make the sale. Part of your marketing cost supports the organisations that support you.

Customer Reporting

Every customer transaction is validated by displaying your unique voucher code located within the Firefly app, in store. Every month we produce a statement of account based the number of in-store scans you receive. Your success helps build communities.

Social Impact Recognition

Firefly acknowledge your marketing spend and discount as contributions to social impact. We provide certificates that say thank you with each discount purchase you honor.

Volunteer Rewards & Experiences Program

Our Volunteer Rewards Program allows volunteers to exchange their time directly for sponsored rewards.

So if you have surplus, redundant or excess stock, or you have time that you are not profiting from, why not use this surplus to partner with Firefly and help us create some unique experiences and offers for the amazing world of volunteering.

Surplus Inventory

If you have surplus inventory, like empty seats, run out stock or discontinued lines or maybe some spare time, you can exchange it for high level promotions through the marketplace.

Full Control

Take full control over the discount levels you offer or the rewards you support the community with. Set 3 different discount levels, minimum customer spend and the even days you'd like customers to visit.


Every contribution you make to community, whether it's advertising spend, product discount or sponsored experiences, get acknowledged with a Firefly ESG Social Impact Credit.


Don't spend you profit on advertising for new business loyalty. Our program let's you use your products and services as tools to grow your bottom line.