Exciting Sponsorship Announcement


Firefly is excited to announce the Sponsorship Partnership with Bartercard. Bartercard is the largest small business network in Australia, with over 30,000 small businesses participating in their program. We are thrilled to announce that many of these small businesses are also passionate about supporting our volunteers by sharing their unique offers in the marketplace.

What this means for our volunteer community is that, over the coming months, the sponsorship will enable 1,250 small businesses to join the Firefly Initiative Marketplace. This increases the opportunity for all our volunteers to receive rewards and discounts from local businesses in their communities, and it also contributes to our goal of making everyday purchases accessible through the Firefly Marketplace.

Keep an eye out in our newsletter for announcements as these businesses start promoting their products and services, along with their Volunteer offers.


Over the 20 years we have been involved in both grassroots and corporate sponsorship, and have seen community organisations and charities commonly make a basic mistake when developing their sponsorship proposals. That mistake is prioritising the organisation’s needs in relation to sponsorship first.


When you start looking at sponsorship, think individually about which potential sponsors you are going to approach. Think about what each of these individual sponsors needs from your organisation, instead of the value their money or product might bring to your organisation. If you find that each potential sponsor has a different need from your organisation, you can start to modify what your sponsorship offers to accommodate a greater percentage of potential sponsors.

When I was developing sponsorship proposals, I would remind myself of the famous line from Jerry Maguire: “Show me the money, Jerry! SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

If you can demonstrate where the sponsor is going to get the ROI, you will sign more sponsors. When they receive a return on their investment, they will sign with your organisation again.

– Darryl Vine