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How the Marketplace Works

Boost your business with the Firefly Initiative and Bartercard: Connect with a community that values social responsibility and bring more cash customers your way.

  • More Cash Customers
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Support Local Community
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Sustainable Growth

Step 1 – Your Offer



As you have been selected to participate we have created a space for you in the  marketplace and now we just need to create your offer.

If you’d like to view other sponsors ads, you can click the following link and get some inspiration of what your offer could be.

When considering your offer, we ask you to make sure that it is both profitable to your business and generous enough to make our volunteer community feel that you really want to engage and say thank you for what they do for our communities. 

As a standard offer, we would like to see an offer that equates to at least a 15% discount. Obviously, your offer is your decision and if you want to make it better than than our volunteer audience will surely gravitate to “real value” offers.


Obviously the more attractive your offer is for our volunteers the more volunteers are likely to redeem it, and therefore the more opportunity you have of introducing your business to cash customers.

Step 2 – Conditions of Offer


Our market place is unique to all others.

Firstly, our fee structure is a post success model, meaning you don’t pay for advertising until after you’ve received a client.

Secondly, you get to control your offer.

That allows you to set specific parameters regarding what you offer and when the offer is available.

You might have a particular product or service that you would like to increase turnover on. 

Or you might have particular days in your business that you could do with having some more customers. So you might set a condition that the offer is valid on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Step 3 – Vouchers redeemed


Once you have your offer loaded on our Marketplace, our volunteers will be able to redeem your offer.

Here’s what that looks like. 

Our volunteers click on your offer and inspect the redemption conditions.

Once they accept your offer they receive a voucher in their Firefly Wallet.

The volunteer then needs to present their voucher in store/business.

You verify the voucher and complete your transaction with the Volunteer. At that stage either yourself, a staff member or the volunteer clicks the “ CLAIMED” button on their phone, and that voucher disappears from their wallet meaning the voucher cannot be used again.

Step 4 – Marketing Fee


Each offer (voucher) you provide to the network comes with a marketing fee of just $2.50.

Under the sponsorship agreement with Bartercard, the $2.50 marketing fee has been pre paid in trade dollars for 20 Vouchers per month for 3 months from the date your offer is live.

If you choose to offer the Firefly Volunteer community more than 20 Vouchers, any vouchers redeemed over the 20 vouchers  will attract a cash marketing fee of $2.50.

Here’s an example;

Let’s say month 1 you offer 20 vouchers and by week 2 each of those vouchers have been redeemed by volunteers and you want to add more offers.

These additional offers when redeemed will have a $2.50 cash marketing fee.

Step 5 – Payment of Marketing Fees


You have three options in relation to payment of our marketing fees.

  1. Renew marketing campaign with Firefly using Bartercard
    1. T$ 45 per month for 12 months = 240 Vouchers prepaid
    2. T$ 90 per month for 12 months = 600 Vouchers prepaid
  2. Monthly automatic credit card debit

Monthly account of voucher redemptions x $2.50 deducted from your 

credit card

  1. Monthly account statement
    1. Monthly account statement delivered via email after reconciliation of number of vouchers redeemed. Invoices are payable in 7 days from the date of the invoice

Options under the Bartercard Sponsorship Program

Work with Us

I accept the offer as designed by the Firefly Initiative (Choosing this option will activate your offer on the Firefly Marketplace)

Create your Own

I would like a personal phone call from one of your Firefly Marketing Team

Phone Call

I accept the offer as designed by the Firefly Initiative (Choosing this option will activate your offer on the Firefly Marketplace)

Attend Webinar

I would like to attend the Bartercard Business information Webinar and find out more about the program before I commit.

Opt Out

I would like to opt out of the Sponsorship Program

Unlock the potential to bring cash customers to your business through the Firefly Initiative, supported by Bartercard.

By offering special discounts to volunteers, you tap into a new customer base, driving both profit and purpose. Embrace a zero-risk advertising model that charges only upon successful transactions, making every marketing dollar count. Learn more about this transformative approach and how your business can participate by watching our detailed video.

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