Building Up Your ECT’s – Tokens to Take You Further

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Elytra Community Tokens (ECTs) are your gateway to unlocking greater support and recognition within the Firefly community. Here’s how you can build up your ECTs and put your organisation in the spotlight for Firefly Community Grants.

First and foremost you must be on the platform and demonstrating how you make a difference across the wide community. It’s easy as you’re already kinda doing it, just informally.

Engage Volunteers:

Encourage your volunteers to actively participate on the Firefly platform. Whether it’s through attending events, helping at local businesses, or engaging in community projects, each action contributes to your ECTs.

Foster Local Business Transactions:

Promote local businesses by bringing them to Firefly and driving wider transactions. Volunteers using value offers at these businesses not only support the local economy but also earn valuable ECTs for your organisation with the Firefly App. Track these interactions to showcase your impact.

Share Social Stories:

Capture and share the stories of your community efforts. Highlighting the positive changes and personal stories within your community adds to your ECTs. Use social media and the Firefly platform to amplify these narratives.

Provide Transparent Feedback:

Keep your supporters informed with transparent feedback on how their contributions are making a difference. Regular updates and impact reports build trust and boost your ECT status.

Consistent Participation:

Maintain consistent engagement with the Firefly platform. Regularly update your organisation’s profile, participate in challenges, and keep your activities visible to the community.

By following these steps, you can effectively build up your ECTs, enhancing your organisation’s visibility and eligibility for Firefly Community Grants. Every action counts—start today and watch your community impact soar!