Bright Socks and Warmer Smiles: How to Get a Corporate to  Embrace Kynection in Frankston


On a day steeped in sunshine and goodwill, the streets of Frankston witnessed a heartwarming scene: a band of 30 volunteers for the day from Kynection, united under the banners of the Business of Smiles and the Firefly Initiative, set out to weave threads of kindness through the community tapestry. This was no ordinary day; it was a moment carved out of the year’s hustle, dedicated to the simple yet profound joy of giving and listening.

At the helm was Scott Carson from the Business of Smiles, whose passion for human connection sparked a movement. He spoke earnestly about the communal hearth of shared experiences and the gift of conversation. It was a mission born from the recognition that every pair of socks offers an opportunity to uncover a story ready to be told, every set of ears a chance to listen, every shared discussion an opportunity to connect.

With the festive spirit in the air and the support of Kynection, each volunteer donned the day’s uniform: socks dotted with smiles of hope and t-shirts that echoed a collective commitment. Their mission was twofold: to share the warmth of gifting socks with those whose paths they may cross and to ignite smiles through genuine, heartfelt dialogue.

As they ventured through Frankston, the volunteers from Kynection, each led by captains brimming with enthusiasm, engaged with locals, offering socks as emblems of solidarity. These were not just fabric but beacons of care, reminders that even on life’s toughest days, a glimmer of sunshine awaits. The volunteers were not just giving away socks; they were opening doors to conversations that could be the highlight of someone’s day—or even a turning point.

The feedback was a powerful affirmation of new experiences shared. The team made up of developers, project managers, sales and marketing and management, with many stepping out of their shells, found themselves transformed by the experience. The joy of giving was eclipsed only by the wealth of receiving—an unexpected gain of new perspectives, gratitude, and the unmatched elation that comes from selfless acts.

As the end drew near on this awesome day, Scotty’s words captured the essence of their journey. His gratitude not only for the chance to share his vision but for the tangible change seen in those who had given their time, was deeply felt. It was a testament to the power of community—a reminder that even the smallest gesture can resonate with immeasurable impact.

That amongst the throngs of busy lives, there remains a sanctuary where smiles are currency, and kindness is the trade. In the heart of Frankston, Kynection’s team showed that the truest form of ‘connection’ is not just in what we share but how we share ourselves. This story is an invitation to maintain a vigil in uplifting and motivating community spirit, and to hold strong in acts of kindness, as volunteers see the world.