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Market successfully to HIGH VALUE CUSTOMERS

Don’t waste your marketing budget living in hope.

Firefly delivers High Value, Super Loyal Customers to your door.

And the best news of all, you don’t pay until after they’ve shopped.


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People who loyally serve the benefits of others are the type of customer every business wants. If you're loyal to them, they will be loyal to you.


Local businesses live and die by how well they turn local customers into regular clients. Supporting local volunteers is a fantastic and simple way to ensure the success of your business.


Volunteers make decisions that effect 100's of people each and everyday.

When they are acknowledged and respected they make an awesome addition to your marketing team.


People who serve the greater community deserve our gratitude. Show you care about our awesome Volunteers by making them feel special.

Partnership Benefits

No costs until after our Volunteers have shopped in your store. When you market your business through the Firefly Marketplace, you only pay when a Volunteer scans your unique QR Code in store.

Our program is performance based. That means you’ll enjoy:

  • No upfront Marketing costs
  • Customers wanting to shop at your business
  • Fixed acquisition costs
  • Zero wasted advertising spend
  • Flexibility in campaign design
  • Hyper-Local sales activity
  • Wide community reach
  • Social Impact Reporting & Validation
  • Supporting Volunteers directly

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