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A Global Problem 🌐

Over the past ten years, volunteerism has been on a rapid decline globally. Changes in societal values, a recent pandemic, and a battle for attention is showing lower participation rates and putting strain on volunteer-driven essential services and community organisations.

Big Brand Buy in πŸ’°

Companies have increasingly come under investor pressure and government scrutiny for their role and impact on broader society. Firefly Initiative has already signed MOUs with leading energy, retail & sporting brands to implement pilot activations to tokenise & reward volunteer time.

Rewarding Volunteers πŸ™‹

Without Volunteers our Clubs, Charities, Carers and Emergency Service Providers will cease to function. To recognise volunteers for everything they do we are giving them the opportunity to exchange their Volunteering Time for Discounts, Perks & Experiences. Β© 2024 All rights reserved. Email for questions

Β© 2024 All rights reserved. Email for questions