Fundraising – Friend or Foe?

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Fundraising – A Friend or A Foe?
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Community Highlights: Applauding the Commitment of Our Volunteers

As we take a moment to reflect on the tremendous work carried out by volunteers in our communities, it’s clear that their dedication is the heartbeat of positive change. These organisations have not only devoted countless hours but have also created a ripple effect of community enhancement that we at Firefly app proudly recognise. These […]

Cheers to Kindness: Colin Apelt’s Heartwarming Tale of Service

In the quiet hallways of Brisbane’s St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Colin Apelt, 92, brings a special kind of cheer to the palliative care ward. Week after week, for over two decades, Colin has been a familiar face to those facing life’s final chapter. With a humble trolley of drinks, he delivers more than just refreshments—he […]