The Firefly Initiative

How It Works:

We strive to give Volunteers more than a 'pat on the back'

Our app enables volunteers to connect with brands to gain exclusive rewards and receive true recognition for their hard work.


In 4 Stages:

Embark on a journey with Firefly Initiative. Our streamlined four-stage process encompasses everything from easy organisation registration to rewarding your dedicated volunteers.

Sign up

Visit our ‘Sign up’ page and provide your organisation’s details as a primary volunteer. A firefly representative will in setting up if you have any problems.

Volunteers Record Hours

Volunteers will log hours via our app or website. Admins can oversee and manage volunteers effortlessly.

Rewards & Kudos

Volunteers receive points for every hour of service which can be exchanged on our marketplace for rewards.

Connecting Business Networks

Forge parternerships and gain access to a network of supportive businesses. Open up the potential to fundraising opportunities.

Firefly Initiative: In Real Time


Create an account, entirely for free.

Add your Organisation

Register with your Volunteer Organisation.

Log Your Hours

Start recording your time directly in our Firefly app.

Meet the Firefly App:


Time Capture

Track every hour of your Volunteer Time,
effortlessly through the Firefly app.

Invite Your Friends

The Firefly network encourages all communities to grow & expand together!

Rewards Marketplace

Visit our Marketplace to view hundreds of amazing rewards, from great brands you love.

View Statistics

Take a deeper look at your volunteering history,
hours logged, statistics and Kudos Level.

Organisation Info

The Firefly app allows you to easily view all your organisation info & details on the fly.

Scan for Discounts

Unlock exclusive volunteer discounts & coupons, all on the FFI marketplace.

Our Rewards Marketplace

The Firefly marketplace offers hundreds of amazing opportunities for rewards, discounts & experiences from all the places you know and love, simply from just being a volunteer.


Gain exclusive discounts to all the places you love the most.


Earn Vouchers, Gift cards or tickets to heaps of amazing brands, cinemas and stores you already love.


Earn yourself a VIP experience or take an exclusive trip away.

Recognise. Inspire. Reward

Firefly empowers volunteers by recognising and rewarding their service to the community. Here’s how it works: You serve your community, log those precious hours in our app, and then—here’s the kicker—a fellow volunteer gives them the thumbs up to keep things fair and square.

Now, those hours you’ve banked? They’re golden. Swap them for perks and goodies provided by supportive businesses both in Australia and around the globe. It’s our way, and the greater community’s way, of giving volunteers a big high-five for the awesome work they do.

Supported by amazing brands

Made possible by the brands who care & support Australia's 5.8 million volunteers.

Want to find out more?

Our team will be happy to help assist with any additonal questions or assistance you may need. Please reach out via or if you’d prefer you can book a chat below to speak directly to our team.

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